J-PROP 3 Blade Feathering Propeller – 16″ Diameter for 1″ Shaft Standard US Taper – Up to 60 HP




j prop




J-Prop is the ideal feathering boat propeller for sailing boats, while both cruising and racing. Conceived and designed specifically for sailors, it increases sailing speeds (via reduced drag), improves boat control in tight quarters (i.e. docking), and reduces wear on drivetrain components. It is also easy to install, easy to adjust, and built tough to handle the rigors of ocean life.

This is a 16″ diameter 3 blade propeller for a 1″ propeller shaft with a US standard taper.  Suitable for up to 60 horsepower.

Why a Feathering Boat Propeller?

  • Increase Sailing Speeds! Less drag = more speed!
  • Improved maneuverability. Prop designed to produce full thrust in forward AND reverse
  • Virtually eliminates “prop walk”
  • Reduced wear & tear on drive train while sailing

Why a J-Prop?

  • Easy Adjustment – No tools needed! Simply pull and turn hub to adjust pitch. No costly haul out necessary.
  • Precision machining. Use of helical gears ensures reduced wear and enhanced durability.
  • High quality materials. Super tough aluminum-bronze alloy and stainless steel construction offer enhanced corrosion protection and durability from prop strikes.
  • Low maintenance. Simply add grease annually (can be done in the water).



J-Prop uses only helical (or continuously engaged) gears, resulting in two distinct advantages:

    1. The blades of the propeller will have identical pitch at all times.
    2. Helical gears have a large contact area producing more strength and less wear.

J-Props components are made from a variety of stainless steel and aluminum-bronze alloys. Each alloy is designed to suit the specific properties of the application. For instance, the pitch gear, blades, housing and tail-cone are all made from different alloys resulting in less wear between the parts. The combination of stainless steel and aluminum-bronze components also enhance lubrication and minimize corrosion.


In the feathered position, J-Prop reduces drag under sail. The blade design provides equal thrust in reverse and forward.

Standard US Taper

Available in 2, 3 and 4 blades and various lengths and shaft sizes.