Balmar Alternator Protection Module (12 Volt)

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  • Balmar’s Alternator Protection Module is designed to absorb voltage and current spikes that commonly occur in many onboard electrical distribution systems from intermittent connections, disconnects and over-voltage events.


    • Small, easy to mount package that attaches to the B+ and ground terminals at the back of an alternator
    • Protects against the damaging effects of battery shutdowns, intermittent connections and over-voltage events
    • Excels in both short duration and longer duration spikes
    • Displays a green LED when protecting and a red LED and/or beep when protection failed (replace APM)
    • Meets ISO 16750-2 for Load Dump Protection and ISO 7637-2 for Surge Protection
    • Works with any brand alternator


    • Voltage: 12
    • Applications: Balmar or other manufacturer charging systems

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